Comparing complex information with specific list

Comparing complex information with specific list

Use Case Description

Hello, I have a 2 columns related to car models. The input is export from the core system defining specific format we need. E.G. for Brand AUDI, I need Models like Q8, A8, etc.
However, I receive from the client an excel where Brand AUDI, has in column Model Quaddro 8 Diesel 2.0 100 Kw or Diesel Q8 220 KW, etc. And I need to match this with Q8 in my specific list.
Is there a way how to do this?



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Hi! You can store your comparing values in a file and check with “.Contains”.
For example, in your case with “Model Quaddro 8 Diesel 2.0 100Kw” or “Diesel Q8 220KW” you can check whether it contains Q8 or Quaddro 8 and if any of these are true then it should be fine.

You can have more than 1 comparing criteria, here we have 2 (Quaddro 8 and Q8) so you can add them to an excel file, lets suppose that the first column is the brand (in this case Audi) and in the second column you have the criteria separated by comma (Quaddro8,Q8). When you want to check if these keywords are there, you can use String.Split(“,”).ToList to convert it to a list and for each item of the list you compare. For every successful comparison you increment a counter (let’s call it ContainsCounter). If the ContainsCounter >= 1 it means it managed to find at least one value that is contained in the specific item that you searched.