Comparing 4 columns from pdf with 4 columns in csv file

Hi.i want to compare a pdf data file with csv file do I do it.
Eg: pdf column NAMES: currency Amount Transtype
USD 1234 XX
CSV column names : currency Amount Trantype
USD 233 AA
Can any help on it ASAP?

HI @krishnan,

Use read Text file to get the data as string and split it and save it save it into datatable.
Using Read CSV read the csv file and get the out put.

then you can compare two tables.


how do I split.can you give an example based on the above scenario?

in this scenario first use Environment.NewLine split the two lines.

then split the first line using " " space and create table header
then split the second line using " " space and add the value into datatable.


I am using read pdf text to read the pdf file.The entire data is stored in the Text how do I proceed?can you give me the code for putting into the datatable.?

using the Text variable and proceed.


my data is not in proper order in the output heading is in the 4th row and the actual data starts from 6row.can u help me asap.