Comparing 2 tables in excel and export the differences to the same worksheet

I’m trying to take the differences between values in 2 excel tables in the same worksheet in excel. Can anyone kindly provide a step-by-step guidance? I attached the spreadsheet I am working on. Table 1 is within column A to H, table 2 is within J to Q, and I want to show the differences starting in column S. Thanks!

Hi @phephelc,

First of all, you’re going have to build two datatables. The first one from the range A to H and the other one from J to Q. You can do it by using the Read Range activity.

Once you have separated then by datatable you could follow the example below to get all the differences between then: (8.5 KB)

Please confirm if it helps you.


I’ve also tried another approach:

This one check both rows and columns, one by one, if they have the same value it shows TRUE, otherwise it shows FALSE.

Please check this approach below:

ps: In this example, both datatables must have the same number of columns and rows. (8.8 KB)

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Hi Acaciomelo, thanks so much for the quick response! It seems that this demonstration is closer to what I need for my excel task. I have a couple of questions/observations:
1/When I’m running your file, the result is still the first data table rather than the differences between the 2 data tables.
2/How do I actually write these differences in numerical format to the same spreadsheet? In my screenshot, I need to show the results starting in column S.

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I meant the file is closer to what I need.

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