Comparing 2 tables in excel and export the differences to the same worksheet



I’m trying to take the differences between values in 2 excel tables in the same worksheet in excel. Can anyone kindly provide a step-by-step guidance? I attached the spreadsheet I am working on. Table 1 is within column A to H, table 2 is within J to Q, and I want to show the differences starting in column S. Thanks!

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Hi @phephelc,

First of all, you’re going have to build two datatables. The first one from the range A to H and the other one from J to Q. You can do it by using the Read Range activity.

Once you have separated then by datatable you could follow the example below to get all the differences between then: (8.5 KB)

Please confirm if it helps you.


I’ve also tried another approach:

This one check both rows and columns, one by one, if they have the same value it shows TRUE, otherwise it shows FALSE.

Please check this approach below:

ps: In this example, both datatables must have the same number of columns and rows. (8.8 KB)


Hi Acaciomelo, thanks so much for the quick response! It seems that this demonstration is closer to what I need for my excel task. I have a couple of questions/observations:
1/When I’m running your file, the result is still the first data table rather than the differences between the 2 data tables.
2/How do I actually write these differences in numerical format to the same spreadsheet? In my screenshot, I need to show the results starting in column S.


I meant the file is closer to what I need.