Comparing 2 different PDF,s line by line

Comparing 2 different PDF,s line by line and have to check whether each line matches with other line.
Here is the complete details of the Process.
In here we are trying to automate a process. Where 2 source documents and 1 output documents will there.
Source Documents

  1. Cover Letter Templates
  2. Source Policy document

Output Policy Document

  1. Output Generated from the system.
    Manual Process:
    In Manual Process, the manual team does the comparison for each page individually by comparing with Cover Letter Source template document and source policy template document with Output generated policy from the system. Cover Letter template is a word document and Source Policy document is PDF.
    Trying to Automation:
    In automation process we need to Compare both Source template documents with output generated document. Whether each field are equal or not. Till here it sounds all straight process, but the complexity part is. In cover letters templates we have 15 types of templates are to there to compare with output generated document. In this template we have some fields with no actual data will be in it as it is a template. But in output document we have actual data with in the fields present in it with a logo of image present in the output document. This is just a one part of comparison and when we come to the main body. It has multiple pages to compare starting from Policy Information Page. In these pages we have multiple pages the count is not fixed in this document. And we can have the multiple outputs for the multiple policies in one output document. With different cover letters and different policy numbers.

Please Help me with this task im struck with since many days with this task.

Is its possible to upload the files here or if there is security concerns, can you generate files with test data and upload?

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HI Madhavi,

Iā€™m afraid i cant do that. that will be a security violation but i can upload dummy data. or we can do it for any 2 PDF files having almost same data but starting of the one page should be in page no1 and the other page it can start from page number 7 if i say exactly

You can upload test data in the files.