Comparing 2 data

i have one number (i.e 12345(cell b1) in sheet1 of excel and the same number(cell b1) in different sheet(sheet2) of the same excel

i need to compare if the data in both sheets are same or not , how do i define a logic for that ?

Hi @poojaskyrathore

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HI @poojaskyrathore you can use a excel formula


And then auto fill


Hi @poojaskyrathore
I am sharing a previously opened example and a link for you to follow. I hope it helps.

UiPath Activities

Join Data Tables

UiPath.Core.Activities.JoinDataTables Combines rows from two tables by using values common to each other, according to a Join rule, which is specified in the JoinType property. Properties Common DisplayName - The display name of the activity. Input…

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could you be more specific with formula ?

Hi @poojaskyrathore

Try this code.
You can test on more values by adding some more rows to Sheet1 and Sheet 2.
Input folder - It have input excel with 2 sheet.
Output Folder - It have output file

This is working code you can use it as it is.
LinqLeftAndRightJoin - (10.1 KB)

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Read the data using read cell from both the sheets which gives you data in two variables then use str1.Equals(str2) which gives true or false