Comparing 2 Data Tables from 2 File Excel With Different Structures Input

I want to ask about activity data compare, can I compare 2 table data from 2 excel files with different data structures as shown?
So, I want Robot Get the mutation description which is located in the description column of the Mutation.xlsx file. The process is carried out for each row then the Value that has been obtained in the previous process (description Mutasi.xlsx) is mapped to the Master Data Parameter.xlsx
Example :
Description on file Mutation.xlsx >>
The robot looks for a (full) description in the Master Data Parameter.xlsx which is part of the description in the Mutasi.xlsx file. Based on the sample data that matches the Master Data Parameter.xlsx is data number 3.
The robot takes the value of the journal description on the data no. 3, so that it gets >>
Dear good people, please provide a solution :slight_smile:

Did you tried the possibility of a Vlookup? Just try it manually and if it works fine, you can include it in automation using Vlookup activity.

oke i will try now

based on my understanding, vlookup is only able to find 1 value in the Uipath properties, while I have more than 100 description data and of course the values are different. in a sense, I match the description in the first excel file with the second excel file, if the description is the same, then the robot will take the value in the Desc1 column in the second excel file as shown in the picture

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