Compare values in different rows in 1 data table


I have a sorted data table and i would like to add items to the queue that share the same value in a particular column.
I have a for each row for the sorted data table and I would figure i need an if with some kind of complicated condition but not sure how to compare value in a column in one row to the value of the same column in the next row, etc. Any nudges into the right direction?

Can you please explain question with some example.

Hi Reshmamore,
I am queueing user id, item id and completion date from an excel template. This template will contain many rows of those 3 values for each person.

Person 1 - 007109 - 3/25/2019
Person 2 - 007109 - 3/25/2019
Person 3 - 007109 - 4/1/2019
Person 4 - 007109 - 3/1/2019
Person 5 - 007109 - 3/25/2019
Person 6 - 007109- 4/1/2019

After i use the sort data table field by completion date i want to be able to be able to add items to the queue that have the same completion date. So in the example above i would have queue’d together person 1,2, & 5 in one group and persons 3 & 6 in another.

I think sorting is not required here.
First you can find unique dates from Column. Save the unique dates in DateArray.
Then use for each loop on DateArray. Inside for each use select query to retire other data using unique date.

I hope this helps.