Compare type double values from excel

I need to know if two values ​​match, they come from two excel cells that are the result of a formula. At first glance in excel you can see that the two values ​​for example “133.44” and “133.44” are the same, but when I get the values ​​with the get cell value activity in a variable of type double Uipath will add new decimals, for example “133.4445” and “133.4449” which when trying to compare the values ​​VALUE1=VALUE2 will give me a false result, how can I compare if two values ​​are exactly the same as they are visible in excel “133.44”

Excel is rounding the values because the cells are formatted to 2 decimal places. 133.44 isn’t the real value, it’s the rounded value. 133.4445 is the real value in the cell.

You can round them the same way Excel is doing.

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Thank you! It works.

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