Compare two sheets and change color in both or any one of sheets

I have done few changes and it’s working for me check the below workflow once.
Email (232.6 KB)

It’s working for me.

Check the below output -

Hope it helps!!

Can you share your excel file

@Bhushan_Nagaonkar - Did you try running the workflow after setting color value to green. Does it work

I did set it to green still got the issue

@Bhushan_Nagaonkar - What is the issue

It is going in to infinite loop Clumn2 and row 2

Check the below attachment @Bhushan_Nagaonkar
Demo_ExcelFile.xlsx (9.6 KB)

In the workflow don’t forget to change the path of the files.

Hope you understand!!

I tried giving North in sheet2 city 2 the output came out wrong

It worked I had to add assign index = index + 1

Thanks for your support and time @mkankatala @ushu

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