Compare two invoices(Images.jpg) wheather they are similar or not

I want to compare two image invoices, I had a target Invoice(.jpg) and i want to compare multiple images with target invoice and by comparing logo or company name, i want to validate the images provided are same or not(True or False)

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Did you try this component?

How to validate the logo ?, I want to validate the structure of the invoice also, if same structure and the same logo for both images then, we need pass it as valid

For logo you will have to use the Image comparison activity.

For form structure of Invoices, you can read that and have some keywords group to check if that belongs to a same group?

Can you share 2 samples so that we can help better?

Comparison can be done using the Document Understanding also, but it would be better to look at the samples before suggesting that

You can also go with AI Center’s out of the box ImageClassification ML Packages, which is a retrainable package!

You can take any document, suppose 2 amazon purchase bills and 3 flipkart bills, total 5 bills(jpg format) i am taking as source and i am taking target as an amazon bill(jpg). i am now comparing 5 bills with target bill. So in that 5 bills, 2 bills has to pass as valid documents because they are same structured with same logo as target bill.