Compare two columns from 2 different excel files and use the value from the second excel file to send an email

Hi all,

I have one report which will be generated with a column called Buyer name. I have a master excel file with the email ids of all the buyers. I need to lookup the buyer name match them and get the email id and send them an email. How do I do this?

The report excel file looks like this


Master email excel file looks like this

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Hi @Harshita_Ramesh

Please see the below attached workflow
Main.xaml (15.0 KB)

Hi @sangeethaneelavannan1
Thank you for your response, but I got this error

@Harshita_Ramesh check the scope of all variable and set it to main sequence

I did but yet it shows the same error

@Harshita_Ramesh masterdt should not be null. Please check it has the data and also datatype of email should be string

It gives only one first row email value

How many entries are present in the report file?

4 Email Id’s in Report file. But it Extracted one Email Id for all Columns.
Screenshot 2022-12-30 072511


What is the value for Index variable?
I see it takes only first row value as shown in picture by @shanmugapriyag


Actually got it I had not declared Index in lookup table Row Index

Thanks for your help

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