Compare two columns (each number occurs several times)

Hi all,

I want to compare one column of a table with a column of another table. The special thing is that each number occurs several times. Example (Input):

Excel A (column A): 3500001, 3500001,3500001, 3500002, 3500002, 3500003, 3500003…

Excel B (column B): 3500001, 3500001,3500001, 3500003, 3500003…

In my Output Table, the correct numbers should be placed next to each other in two columns and if there is no corresponding number “missing” should be entered. Example (Output):
3500001 3500001
3500001 3500001
3500001 3500001
3500002 “missing”
3500002 “missing”
3500003 3500003

Since I am still a beginner, please explain your explanations in more detail.

Thanks!! :slightly_smiling_face:

@reli Please check below workflow.

Main.xaml (36.9 KB)

Hallo @Manjuts90

Thank you very much for your help. Unfortunately the process does not work with my input tables… do you know what could be the reason for this?

Since I am a new user of the forum I cannot upload my documents. But I think this is due to the format of the numbers. Currently I only have “missed” values in my output. Maybe I have to use “trim”?

Now I share my project with you. :slight_smile: (20.9 KB) @Manjuts90

@reli Please check below zip file. (25.5 KB)


I really thank you very much for your help! May I ask you one more question about the trial?
Is it also possible to run the process with different column names e.g. “Column 1” (ExcelA) “Column 2” (ExcelB)? Currently all columns are called “Column 1”.

Please excuse my many questions!


@reli You can run the process with any column name. But you need to change the column name in all necessary places that’s all.

Hi @Manjuts90
Yes, I understand what you mean and I have implemented it, but I find it difficult to integrate additional information such as the quantity etc. into the output table. My target output table is shown below.

Do I have to create a new sequence for the integration of this additional information or can I optimize your process?

Thank you very much for your support!!!


@reli You can try to optimize my process only. If not create new sequence. Initially i thought i need to compare only one column, so i created that process.

ok i’ll give it a shot. Thank you for your help!

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@reli You are welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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