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Hi to all.
I’m new hear and I’m need help.
What is case?

I want to “Get text” (it is two words) the options are 3-4 combinations. I want to check combinations and select one like true, other options must be false.
For example:
“Get text” (ASSIGNED AVAILABLE) go to next step in flowchart (it is trigger to go ahead)
“Get text” (ASSIGNED IN USE) go to start of flowchart (it is trigger to go back and start process from first step)
“Get text” (ASSIGNED…) go to start of flowchart (it is trigger to go beck and start process from first step)
Thanks in advance!

Hi @Plamen_Gecov
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Use get Text activity which stores output as string variable

lets say text1 = “Hello World”
text2 = “Hello Only”

so drag an if condition from activity panel , if you are dealing with flowchart use flow decisions and update the conditions

and write the statement as below

text1.equals(text2) ----------Result would be boolean
so if its true please place ur step in then part and if its false mention next step


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You need to use Flow decision

Yes, I tried, but not working :frowning:

It’s working :slight_smile: thank you so much!
I had problem with condition in flow decision. But now everything is OK.

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Great to hear that!!

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