Compare text and replace


Dear Colleagues

Desire what the text of PDF compare whit text of other PDF and if to wrong be replaced.
the two files should be left with the same text but in a different order

Thank you for your assistance in this matter…


can you try with the levenshtein algorithm


hi @fernando_zuluaga

Thank you.

I did the reading of the PDFs with the Read PDF Text activity. assign a list to each text string, to later use an IF and compare the two PDFs, however, one of the PDFs has several Text Columns and the Bot reads it without identifying the columns.

Well this is a little more complicated, I can suggest two options, first one is to use document understanding to extract all the data with ocr engines

Second is to open your pdf in adobe acrobat and then scrape it with UiPath document ocr

Hope it helps


hi @fernando_zuluaga


I tried it with OCR, however, it doesn’t recognize the different columns of the PDF, that’s the file and I want it to only collect the text of the one inside the pink box.

can we try using document understanding activities?

we can try with the form extractor