Compare String1 to String2 (String1=String2)

String1 = “ABC123O3”
String2 = “ABC123O3”

String1 is extracted from Workbook (Excel Workbook)
String2 is extracted from DataTable from Website (Extract Data)

then Write
Else Write

When comparing the two variables in debug mode, I see
String1 = @“ABC123O3”
String2 = “ABC123O3”

Why is UiPath adding “@”?
There is not an “@” symbol in the workbook.

The end goal is to have String1 = String2 and Write Pass


Hi @swinter1

UiPath is adding the @ symbol before String1 because it is interpreting it as a verbatim string literal. A verbatim string literal starts with the @ symbol and it allows you to include special characters, such as new lines or tabs, in a string without having to escape them.

To avoid this, you can use:

String1 = String1.TrimStart("@"c)

Hope this helps,
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Hi @arjunshenoy
I had not run into that issue before. Is it interpreting as verbatim because it’s extracted from the workbook?
Thank you for the help.

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Yes. When UiPath reads a string from an Excel workbook, it reads it as a verbatim string literal by default. This is because Excel allows you to include special characters such as new lines and tabs within a cell, and UiPath needs to be able to preserve those special characters when reading the cell’s value.

Hope this helps,
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Oh. That makes sense.

Again, thank you. Best Regards.

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