Compare string with data table

I have two strings one that is called “date” and another one “number” and I have a datatable that I read from an excel, what I want to do is search the datatable if those two strings already exist

this is my excel

and these are the variables that I want to see if they already exist

since depending on whether they exist or not I will do something specific

any idea how to do it?

Like this: (18,3 Ko)


I tried that but despite the fact that if they are the same, he sends me that none of them match

I think the problem is that the excel date brings it to me like this “dd / MM / yyy 00:00:00” how can I remove that timestamp

This is how the format brings me

I misunderstood the request. I thought you wanted to act on each match line by line. If you want to do something if 1 or more matches exist, and a different thing if no matches exist, here is how the workflow should be built. (18,5 Ko)

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It is correct I realized that my error is that in excel I put date format and I must put general format

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