Compare String Address and get the Treshold Percentage

Hello All,

Currently i had a issue about checking address on Google and address from my Database.

Sample Address :

  1. Address from Google : Jalan. Pangeran Jayakarta 123 Blok D xx, Mangga Dua Selatan, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia 321546
  2. Address from my Database : JL.P.JAYAKARTA 123 BLOK D/xx

My goal :

  • How to check and compare from both address is same using treshold or other method
  • Check is the location from Google is same with my database and conclude that is the same Address (user is come to their home).

Anyone can help me for this issue?


We can do this…

Answer the following questions…

  1. Do you wants to compare entire address or some of the text ?

In UiPath we can compare like this .Equals(Text must match with the target text) or ,.Contains(If some of the text matched with the target text this will returns the true)

Which one do you wants to compare ?

  1. Whats the database columnName?
  2. Have you configured the Connection with database using UiPath?

Do the following:-

  1. Use any output method to get the address from Google
  2. Fetch the entire column data from database and stored it in a data table
  3. Now take one for each row in data table and pass the data table(Database)
  4. Take one if condition and pass the expression like this

This will returns true if the Google address is matched with the database address

Try this and let me know


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