Compare sheet1 and sheeet2 and save results


I am having two sheets in one excel


Id Name City
1 Abhi Bangalore
2 Manu Mangalore
3 Lohith Hassan
4 Dinesh Tumkur
5 Kavya Hubli
6 Navya Mysore


Id Gender
2 Male
5 Female
4 Male
1 Male
3 Male

Now i needs to compare sheets

If id’s match in both sheets than i needs to combine both sheets and save results

Example Result: Id Name City Gender
2 Manu Mangalore Male


Comparsion.xaml (19.3 KB)
Compare.xlsx (11.7 KB)

I attached the Xaml File and Sample Excel File for your Reference …
I hope this will help you…


Thank you @Poovarasan2