Compare search results within LMS

Hi guys,

New here with UIPath, but excited about the potential… one question…

I have a data entry workflow in which i fill in content from an external pdf file into the LMS.
These are all multiple choice questions.
The workflow process is more or less like this:

The initial form looks like this:

So I enter question number one on the numbered field and hit that blue button…
That blue button actually what it does is searches withing the LMS Database for possible similar questions thay may match the one you want to enter.

So at this point two things can happen:

  1. The system does not find any similar questions and presents the new question input form. (this part i think i can handle)
  2. The system does find possible same questions and displays an Iframe with a list of the found candidates.
    2.1 If you see that the question that you want to enter is listed, then you just select it and the data entry for that question ends.
    2.2. If you dont see your question listed, then you can hit another button within the same frame to create a new question, which sends you to the same data entry form from step 1.

Attached is a foto the candidates searched list

So now, lets say I prepare an excel/csv with the questions and their answers i need to enter. If the answers of the question are stored on a variable during the process, would UIpath be able to find the best candidate from the given list? And if so, how?

dataentry.xaml (10.6 KB)