Compare Rows From Different Tables

Hi All,
This sample compares a row from sheet1 with another row from sheet2. However the decision to check if both table rows and columns are equal is always given false.
I have checked the output of the table1NoRows , table2NoRows, and the two other variables for the columns count. all are the same. When the bot checked the decision “table1NoColumns = table2NoColumns and table1NoRows = table2NoRows” it always gives false.

Compare Data (9.7 KB)

Hi @mozahra,

You have different cell values in sheet1!D6 and sheet2!D6. That’s why you are getting false value.

Hi @mozahra

Use a Join data table activity and set the join type as full outer join. This will give both matching and non matching results for the join columns you mentioned

The condition is checking the count of rows and columns to start comparing. So its failing in the condition although they have the same count.

But this is not what am looking for. Am surprised that the condition is failing while checking the number of rows and columns in both sheets.

this is given from Uipath knowldge base resource

Yep… that’s another approach of doing it. :slight_smile: