Compare PLANT CODE in Pdfdata .xlsx and Template.xlsx and filter Data

i have Pdf Date excel file and also have Template excel files in subfolders --IBAS\january\template1.xlsx, template2.xlsx.

condition is–
1.Plant Code match – from pdfdata to template.xlsx
2,Date Match----(Bot Date in pdfdata and Date in template)
3. if both match then copy total row amount from pdfdata.xlsx to Template.xlsx .

I have marked RED Plant excel files(Key point)

how to do that ? can any one help. (52.8 KB) below.

Hi @Anand_Designer ,

Please see attached working solution. (38.6 KB)

@GreenTea but its getting mismatch data like… 217.86 is coming 2 times


Hi @Anand_Designer ,

Sorry, here’s the updated one. (38.8 KB)

Thank You @GreenTea

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