Compare Now Date from Excel Date

Here I have 2 excel first is Data Data.xlsx (524.7 KB)
And Second Holiday.xlsx (1.9 MB) Sheet2 is Holiday so

step1: get difference between system Current date and Entry Date (Column G) from Data.xlsx in variable DayCount

Step2: Check no of holiday in between system Current date and Entry Date from Holiday.xlsx in variable NoOfHoliday

Please provide solution for that

@suraj23 what exactly u want to do with holiday excel after calculating difference between from data excel?

for Ex Entry date is 12-Mar-2018 (From Column G in Data.xlsx) and current Date is 20 Jul 2018, then calculate difference which is 130 Days then calculate Number of Holidays(Sheet2 Holiday.xlsx) present in between 12-mar-2018 to 20-jul-2018 which is 31 Holidays, ie total working day is 130-31=99 days

What you have tried? Till so far? any idea do you have to approach or solve such prob?


ok wait send u my sample program for demo.Now i have to compare the date with current date and then abv holiday.xlsx steps after comparison of entry date and current dateMain.xaml (12.7 KB)
Data.xlsx (525.5 KB)
Holiday.xlsx (1.9 MB)

@Manjuts90 Is below values are correct?


yes its correct, please can you send xaml or source code file


DiffBetween2DatesExcludeHolidays.xaml (24.9 KB)

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@Manjuts90 actually i didnt understand 1 thing is
My entry date in data.xlsx is 13-oct-2017 right and current date is 23-july-2018
so its right difference is=283
but if i check holidays in between 13-oct-2017 till today its 65 days holidays r there and u get 42 how u calculate it should be 283-65=218 present days

@suraj23 thats y i asked u to check the data present in screenshot is correct or not. U said correct thats y provided the workflow.

ya sry for that because wsn’t calculate holiday data see upto 283 ua going correct only problem is from given date till today date holidays u get 42 but in my holiday.xlsx sheet2 there are 65 holidays till today.have to check that if codition may b for correct count

@suraj23 i wil check and let u know

ya thanks a lot

@suraj23 Check if below values are correct in screenshot.


If above values correct, try below workflow

DiffBetween2DatesExcludeHolidays.xaml (24.0 KB)

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yes now its going well…@Manjuts90 thanks a lottttt…its really helpful,thanks for ua time.

@suraj23 ur welcome

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