Compare in datatable with 3 criteria

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Need help for this condition, which checks the duplication of Complaint.
In Datatable, One column there is a status of complaint which is Open/Closed & For Only Open status case I have to check whether there is the same reason for complaint in another column. If there is some reason for complaint then I have to check is there same Open and Close date of complaint in another column in the same data table.

If Yes, then move to rejected folder Else, Accepted folder

@ShekharRPA It is a bit Confusing, Can you show us a Sample, The Input File and The Output File you need. :sweat_smile:

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You can see, First check if the status is Open, if More then one is Open then Check is the reason and dates are same.
if yes then Show error msg, Else
No error

@ShekharRPA Is it possible to send the Excel File?