Compare if the date of a variable has the format structure of the current date of the day

I have an .xlsx that is generated every 2 days during the month (let’s take the month of February as an example) column C, has the date of each row that can come like this: 4/2/2020 that is: m / d / yyyy, but I need that when I copy the value of the cell, it is d / m / yyyy, but Excel, with the autoformat changes the value of TEXT to Date, and order it as Excel wants:

that is, I want Uipath compare the value of the cell in the excel, convert it into a variable and then insert it in excel as Date Time in the correct order, but considering the current month, day and year, you can order it correctly, it is worth mentioning that column C in the .xlsx, you can change from m / d / yyyy ad / m / yyyy so I need a process fragment that can buy the value of the equipment compare it with that of excel and give the format ordered correctly d/m/yyyy ever

sorry but i cant understand what do you need and what was the problem you had?