Compare if different rows have the same value


I have an excel file which I need to divide it in different excel files
To do that, I need to compare different row values

For example, I need to know if the value from C13 is equal than the C14
If C13 (00000000T) and C14 (00000000T) are equal, create an excel file with the values

But If C14 (00000000T) and C15 (00913732B) are not equal, do not write the C15 values (00913732B) in the previous excel, but create a new one and start comparing with the new value

How can I do that?
I thought something like

IF row(“columnName”) = row+1(“columnName”)
Then Write range

But I do not know how to make it work

different excels

have a look here:

Just extend the demo with a later for each (TypeArgument datatable) and iterate over the table list.
The different Datatables can be written to Excel with a write range

Hi @ppr

It worked!

As you said, I added a “for each”
Now, every new file is named with its indicated CIF/NIF

Thank you!

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