Compare "Get Text" with Excel list


I’m making an automated “Send if match”-function for Invoices. I use “get OCR text” to read the company name on the invoice and if the receiver match a company named in my Excel list i want to send the Excel Version of the name back to Uipath.

  • Get OCR Text finds “Company AS c/o HelpProgram 1830 Norway)” on an invoice (this is already OK)
  • In my Excel list i have “Company AS” listed.
  • Since I have the company/parts of the get text listed in Excel, Uipath will use the excel-version-match and get rid of everything else Company AS (keep for the next step of the automation) c/o HelpProgram 1830 Norway (delete)

*Note: to keep everything before * AS won’t work - wrong text can also appear in front of the company name due to non-standard layout invoices.

I’m really stuck at the last step, can anyone help me or point me in the right direction?

Thank you so much

while comparing instead of equals you can use contains, the take vale from Excel and reverse compare to the text from OCR, and if both matches the you can always get the exact text using sub-string since you will be knowing exact text and the length.

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