Compare Excel Values with Sheets Name

I have a file that has a column called XXX I want to compare each value in this column with a sheets name from another excel file.
I need to set a condition to check this situation


You can use read range to read the data into datatable…

Then use for each row in datatable to loop through each value…

Now inside the loop use excel application scope or use excel activity…and pass the required filename and perform get worksheets and then use worksheetsarray.contains(currentroe("xxx").ToString)

This condition can be used in if to check if sheetname has the required value or not on the then side…you have matched sheets…on else side you have unmatched sheets…

The excel getsheets can be done outside the loop for once directly as well…and use the same inside the loop

Hope this helps


Hi @kalmajhad

*Use Get Workbook Sheets activity, It will return the list of sheet names in an excel.
*Read the first file using Read Range activity and loop through it using For Each Row activity.
*Using if activity check whether the sheet name of the current row exist in the second file sheet list.



Hope this helps.