Compare Excel Table with different File Type (.xlsx) and (.xls)

Hi all.

I want to filter and compare two data tables in different excel files, then merge them. I have two Excel Files.

  • The first file (NumberOfReference.xlsx)
  • The second file (StatusAndReference.xls)

I want to use Read Range Activity from UiPath to find a match between these two Excel Files. Read Range can read .xlsx. However, When I use Read Range, it can only read the first excel file. Not the second file as it is in .xls

The workaround that I tried :

  • Use Read Range and Write Range. But, Write Range will work if .xls files already exist. In my case, UiPath cannot find .xls

The primary objective here is that I want to compare this two Excel File and find a match of a number if it exists. I am unable to do so because of Excel different file type.

Appreciate if any of you could help me.
Thanks in advance.


For .xls files, Microsoft Office (i.e. Excel) must be installed. That’s not required for .xlsx files.

Hope that helps.

Hi @tmays . Thanks for your reply.:grinning:

I do have Microsoft Office on my machine.

As you can see, I have Microsoft Excel 2016 installed.

Do you have any idea how can I compare these two files and find a match in UiPath?
Any help would be appreciated.



Do you have visible flag checked while opening the xls ??

try this to see if the xls is read in visible mode …

Hi @sai.kiran

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I do have it. So, when I put visible flag checked and unchecked, I receive the same error.

Please find below:

The goal is here is to compare 2 excel file, 1 is .xlsx and another one is .xls and then to find a match between them. So far, this is what I did:

Appreciate if you have any other solution to solve this issue.



Hi @Loshyy_Mahad,

use the Read Range and Write range inside the Excel application scope.


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As @arivu96 said ,

Double click and open the excel application scope activity , and put read range and write range inside it … it should work.

if not , upload your workflow here with sample excel files … we will take a look at it

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