Compare Excel sheets with Unique key before sending Outlook email

Hi - I have a situation where I have to read each rows from sheet1(Where email IDs are mentioned) and send content available in sheet2 in email body.

I have attached an Excel sheet. My scenario is explained below:

  1. I have to read each rows of sheet “won1empData” and send email to email ID mentioned in col “D” with the content available in “won1filteredData”.

  2. But I want send email only to those email IDs whose EmpId(Col “C”) from “won1empData” sheet matches with EmpID(Col “C”) of “won1filteredData” sheet.

That means When I read Row#2 of “won1empData” sheet email should go only when EmpID mentioned is present in “won1filteredData” sheet.

Can anyone suggest how I will apply “IF” condition here.

foreach row in “won1empData”
read range(“”)
If( Emp id matches in both the sheets then send email)
Else(read next row)

Please let me know in case more information is required.

EmpTimeSheetManagement.xlsx (30.6 KB)

I am uploading .xaml frile for more clarity.Write won1 excel data in outlook mail.xaml (36.7 KB)

I got the answer for this query.

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