Compare excel for this week with one for last week based on 2 columns

Hi, I have to compare 2 excel files. One for this week and one for last week(there will be the same columns, only some data will be different), based on a combination of 2 columns. And if the data on those 2 columns is the same in both of the weeks, then for each row which is the same I have to copy some data from the excel of last week to the one from this week(in 2 different columns). Could you please give me some ideas about how to do it? The data which is the same can be on different rows(for example last week was on row4 and this week is on row 6)

@andreeabilboreanu, hey man,

Can you provide two excel files with some dummy data and the expected output? let me play around with this and see what we get.

Last week.xlsx (9.4 KB) this week.xlsx (9.3 KB) The real files are supposed to have a lot of rows. In file “This week” is how the output should look. For every row which is the same(even if not on the same position) I have to copy data from last week(col A,B and C) to the file form this week, same columns