Compare Excel Data in the Same Column and Store Corresponding Rows Value

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I want to compare and figure out data in a single excel column(id)

It will iterate till finding next new number , if new number found then it will check if downwards and figure out how many are there and will consider all of the corresponding values and store that in a DT

e.g, 1 appears here for two times, it will make a DT that contains the value of (aaa,bbb) and this DT will keep updating for each trx and we are considering (1…1) as a trx and 2 as a single trx.

I need assistance to solve this scenario.

Hi @Tanzill_Ahsan

Please refer from the below example, you can return information and store in datatable you want, feel free to ask if any question (9.0 KB)


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@fernando_zuluaga thank you

Your workflow is solving my scenario.

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