Compare datetime and date in two different columns of excel


dear all, i have an excel of hundred of rows with two columns, one column is the datetime like yyyy/MM/dd hh/mm/ss (eg: 2017/04/25 04:32:08), the other column is just the date like yyyy/MM/dd (eg:2017/4/25), how do i compare the two column to make sure they are on the same day and also that specific day is today(imagine today is 2017/04/25) , and then write exception in other sheet?
is there anyone knows how to solve it with uipath studio? any advice would be highly appreciated.thanks


Hey @june

Just interested to know till so far what you have achieved? where you are getting problem? What is your efforts or logic to achieve this?

Have you gone through with triaings?



@aksh1yadav hey, i’m in the training period,i’ve just read the user guide on the website and now i am studying the excel part, so i am trying to use some real case to let me be more familiar with the training. and i don’t know why but i cannot download all the recordings and training materials, does it because google is blocked in China?
and for this case, what i think is to read range, for each row, assign today=, and use if activity to write condition, but i have no idea about any code.
thanks a lot, kind regards.