Compare date 14 days duration

Hello i am using compare date activity. I have managed to check if a date its newer or older. But I wonder if its possible to check if the current date its 14 days older or 14 days newer ?

Use this and check .
DateDiff = DateDiff(DateInterval.Day, Convert.todatetime(β€œ03-10-2020”), Convert.todatetime(β€œ12-30-2019”))
Also change DateDiff variable to Int64

Hope this helps you

If CurDate is youre DateTime variable for the current date, and MyDate is your DateTime variable you’re comparing, you can use this in an If statement:

MyDate <= CurDate.AddDays(-14) OrElse MyDate >= CurDate.AddDays(14)


i have a pdf file where i extract a date. then i use a program with a get text function to fetch another date. If the fetched date are newer or older than 14 days compared to the pdf date then it shall fail else its gucci.

Can you share what you have done in convert date time block ?

This did not work