Compare DataTable columns to matching columns in excel and write the Data to respective columns

Hi Guys,

I have DataTable containing some data, and I have empty excel file containing only column names stored in a folder. I want to write data from DataTable to Excel having matching column names and retain the non matching columns as it is. PFA.
I didn’t get any reply for the same question which i posted earlier. So i’m posting it again.

Hi @Mahesh5491

Use multiple for each loop
Where write range only row(“employee name”) to the second datatable along with other column name


Hi @AshwinS2,

Thanks for the reply. I’m new to UiPath and i’m from Non-IT background, So don’t have much coding experience. Can you please create workflow and send it to me?

hello @Mahesh5491
If you know the format than here is a basic workflow (24.2 KB)

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