Compare DataTable and Get Queue items for each

I want to compare data table scrapped from website with get queue items. I want to compare row by row scrapped from website with all the queue items.

But in my case the comparison is not working as i want to compare the value of data table one by one with all the get queue items. This is comparing all the values from data table with all the values from get queue items so for example value from data table is 51 so it compares with values from get queue item 43 ,46 and 51. It is comparing 51 with 43, then 51 with 46 and then 51 with 51. But i want to compare 51 with all the values and then write a line that it is matched or not.
Test.xaml (20.9 KB) (using normal comparison)
Queue.xaml (26.5 KB) (using add row data)