Compare data table with excel

Hello - Would anyone know the best way to do the following?

I have a datatable which pulls data from the SharePoint site. I also have and excel workbook that I download. I want to compare the data table with the workbook and if ‘REF’ match in both data table and excel I want to update the datatable with the ‘Client_Name’ in the in excel. So I think I would need to add another column to the data table (which I’ve done) but I’m not sure how to compare both and then take the ‘Client Name’ from the row that matches and put that into the data table.

Any ideas?

This is what the data table looks like when printed to a csv

This is what the excel looks like

it would make easier if the format was the same for the REF…

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The format would be the same as when compare each row I use a variable and Replace “,” with nothing

I could use the ‘Code’ Column, no?

if it works for you then yes, try Join DataTable activity.