Compare data from data row of mulitiple columns data in datatable?

I want to Check data exits or not in other columns in one table.
For example,

ColumnA ColumnB columnC
1 1 5
2 2 6
3 3 7
4 4 8

I want to Check Column A and Column B ,Column A and Column C,Column B and Column C
if data same,
For example ,I mentioned above.

Column A and Column B are the same data.At that time, I want to add Column names to the List.What Should I do?

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Buddy @Lwin_Moe_Aung

  1. Open excel application scope
  2. Read range activity to read the data
  3. For each row loop to iterate through the data
  4. If condition like
    If this equals you can the value assigned to a variable list initialised with default as new list(of string)…initialise this buddy before using a list…thats important
    If this condition doesn’t pass in else part use another if condition like
    Again the same in then art and leave the else part empty here buddy

Thats all you are done… kindly let know if this works or not buddy


Is that working buddy… @Lwin_Moe_Aung

sorry for late reply.
It is working.
Thank you sir.

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Cheers buddy

Keep going

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