Compare current week and last week data, do cumulative to matched column and display unmatched column, but cannot display last week column,

I have 2 excel sheets : Demo_01_05_sep & Demo_06_12_sep with 4 columns for both sheets. ( Dept Code, Direct, Indirect, NonDirect)
Sometimes, Dept Code matches and doesn’t match.
if any Dept Code matches in both sheets, Need to perform Cumulative and display info in (Dept Code_C,Direct_C,Indirect_C,NonDirect_C).
If any Dept Code doesnt matches, simply display info,
I can display match and unmatched columns of Demo_06_12_sep but cannot display Demo_01_05_sep column information,
I have attached excel(Demo_06_12sep ,highlighted blue color that’s the one i need help) and Xaml for demo, please help.

Demo.xaml (28.0 KB)
Demo_01sep_05sep.xlsx (8.1 KB)
Demo_06sep_12sep.xlsx (8.6 KB)

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Hi @Sudhir_P

You can perform join to obtain the desired result.


Hi @Sudhir_P ,

I’m afraid your question is not that clear. Attached xaml and excel is quite confusing as your xaml is referring to some columns that don’t even exists in your excel file. I have tried to create this but not 100% if this is what you’re looking for. Basically, displaying the value for each Dept Code with values from added both “previous” and “new” tables.

MatchedUnmatched.xaml (14.3 KB)

Hello @Sudhir_P ,

Are you sure your xaml is the correct one?