Compare and push data from Excel File into TextBox PowerPoint

Hi all.

I have difficult sample , pls kindly support me resolve it.

I have a excel file & PowerPoint file as attached.Code.xlsx (8.1 KB)

I want to push data from Excel File into PowerPoint File base on condition :

  • The A column has Code information of products in excel file are same with name of items in PowerPoint’s TextBox as below picture. Then the Textbox with name " Name " & " Quantity " in PowerPoint will be assigned from " B " & " C " columns in excel file. Sorry but I could not uploaded pptx file.

How to do that ?

Pls kindly support me do XAML file. Thanks you so much! (317.4 KB)

I have tried with Computer Vision Activities. Please check. (almost working)

We don’t have PPT Activities other than Create Slide, Delete Slide, and Insert Image even in UiPath Third-party activities.

I have used Code 1, Name 1, Quantity 1 for naming Text Boxes to do anchoring in CV Type into Activities.

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Hi @Theepan

Thanks you so much. Might I have any missing package in this case?

I have tried to repair but could not opened.

Yes Computer Vision Activities package

Please follow these to get those dependent packages

Hi @Theepan

Thanks you so much.

But with Excel file have many data, I want to get some information which I want and push to PPT file only.

how to do that ?

As Excel file and below picture, I want to get S1, S2, S4 and push them into PPT file.

Pls kindly check and support to me this sample.Code.xlsx (8.2 KB)

Thanks you!

@vvaidya I have in this link File comparison - Generic solution
You have any solution for my case?