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I Have question here, I have 2 excel file one with “Receipt Type”, " Bill No." and “Amount”, and other is “Bill No.”, “Amount AR”, “Amount other AR”. I want to check if Bill No. is AR then fill Amount AR. If not AR fill Amount Other AR.Here is example


Please help me to process it !

Use multiple for each

Check condition as row(“receipt type”).tostring.contains (“Ar”)

Assign row(“Amount Ar”).Tostring =row(“Amount”). Tostring


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Thanks for your answer, but how can robot paste extracly to bill number with AR Amount or Other AR Amount

Hi @marcus1206

Use the condition like row(“bill number”). Tostring.equals(row(“bill number”) and row(“receipt type”). Tostring.contains(“Ar”)


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First u read the excel having amt nd receipt type
then use for each row before that assign counter as Count=2
in for each use if in that
row(“Receipt Type”)=“AR”
Then : write cell for second with loc B+Count.tostring and in else write cell in C+Count.tostring
after if use assign for count increment

note : bill number must be on same location
if not then tell me i will tell u for that also

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Yes In this case bill number on the same location, But in the other case if bill number are not the same location , what will need to do ?

then use for each row for second excel in for each of first then use row1(“Bill No”).tostring=Row(“Bill No”).tostring
then : check cond for AR as earlier said nd insted write cell use assign
row1(“Amount AR”)=row(“Amount”)

at the end use write range

Have u got the Solution???

I will try thanks for help bro !

if u get solution from my ans then pls mark it as solution and close this topic
happy automation :blush:

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