Compare a text file with Excel and write to another Excel file

I have 2 files where I have Urls, Languages, If Language of Navigation excel equals validation file’s language I have to open the URL in browser, and save it to text file in a temp folder and see if any of the keywords matching the keywords present in the validation file, If any of the keyword matches with text file I have to write the keyword number and write it to Navigation excel with Keyword_id and in another column I have to write that the text file has violated keywords, If not I have to write N/A in rules violated and in violated rules I have to write not violated.
For each row in Navigation file
’ read URL, Language
’ open validation file
’ open the URL in browser saving as text file in temp folder
’ For each word in text file Search for words in Validation file only for Navigation file language
’ if word matched
’ assign variable to get the keyword-id

’ if word match found
’ update Navigation file Column Rules Violated, Violated Status
’ Else
’ update Navigation file Column Rules Violated as NA, Violated Status as Non Violated

I am achieving the result but the Keywords_id is not written to the same row but it is writing in different rows. I have attached sample files I am currently getting results as in navigation file file, But I need to get results as in output.xlsx , How to resolve the issue?
OutputFile.xlsx (8.6 KB)
NavigationFile.xlsx (8.7 KB)
ValidationFile.xlsx (7.6 KB)

Test1.txt (106 Bytes)