Compare 3 date

Hi Friends,
I have to compare three date which is in this format YYMMDD
e.g first date:- 20190501
second date:- 20190501
Third date:- 20190601

how to compare this kindly help me over this.


DateTime dt1=DateTime.ParseExact(date1,"yyyy-MM-dd",null);
DateTime dt2=DateTime.ParseExact(date2,"yyyy-MM-dd",null);

int cmp=dt1.CompareTo(dt2);

   if(cmp>0) {
       // date1 is greater means date1 is comes after date2
   } else if(cmp<0) {
       // date2 is greater means date1 is comes after date1
   } else {
       // date1 is same as date2

Try like this


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