Compare 2 sheets and add data if the data is new

I am working with two excel sheets. The first sheet contains all the data of customers till now and the other one contains names and purchased items by both new and regular customers. I already checked if the customers are regular or new ones. the thing I want to do next is, I want to check the price and the name of the product(which is the header of my excel file) and if the customer already bought the item in past I do not want to change anything but if the customer bought the product for the first time I want to get the price and add the price to relevant product bought. how can I do it? somebody help me.

plus i want to add a row and add costumer name and add price to the relevant product

Hy @shumagain,

You could use the Dictionary object to check if the client already exists in the excel file. You must use a custom package Microsoft.Activities.Extension.
Add the customer id to the dictionary via for each loop and then check if item already exists. Is is clear for you? Reagards

hello @ William_Blech_Sister
thank you for the quick reply,
I already checked the first part, “check if the customer exists or not”
I am new to uipath so here are some problems I am facing right now

  1. I cannot add a row, the row is dynamic. In that row, I want to add the customer name who is new in the customer column.
  2. I need to check which item did the customer bought and add to the only item which the customer bought. The rest of the cells of the item should be vacant.
  3. if the customer who bought the item is regular customer, I need to check if that customer has bought the item in past if yes, I need to do nothing but if the customer bought the item for the first time I need to add it to the corresponding column of the bought item

Hy @shumagain

1 - I quite did not understand what you mean, to add a new row to an excel sheet use the append activity (inside excel scope)
2 - 3 can be done using the dictionary and filter data table activities

You should also check this link for more info

Good luck, you can do this :slight_smile:


thank you for the quick reply
my point at no 1 was, i need to add a row in excel sheet which is not in the fixed position neither it is at the end of the datatable. i cat get the cell no but i am unable to add a row before that cell (example,if the cell no i got is *554, i have to add a row at 553 ).

Hy @shumagain,

Try using the append range activity, it will find automatically the last row of the data. This activity will save all data below the existing one.

Please try using it and let me know