Compare 2 Excel Workbooks with having unstructured data

Hi There,
I need to compare 2 excel work books with unstructured data. There are columns like Download By, Downloaded Date, Company name at the start. Then there are columns with same name under different groupings as seen in the screenshot.

Excel Workbooks will be downloaded from different sources like Prod and Pre Prod. My task is to compare data in both the spread sheet. If any difference found in the figures report them.
Structure of both the workbooks will be same, but only figures might be different and that is the task.

Is there any way to compare compare 2 excel work books like to like for the figures instead of creating data table and comparing?
Creating datatable and comparing is not possible as top rows are not fixed and there are duplicate row names under different groupings.

I have tried to use SpreadSheet Compare tool from Microsoft, but every time launching it from UiPath returns the following error message, handling that goes into indefinite loop.

Therefore using this tool is out of scope, unless if someone has faced this issue and got a work around.

Thanks in Advance.
Any help or work around would be highly appreciated.