Compare 2 datatables with filter datatable


I have 2 datatables. datatable1 and datatable2.
datatable 1 contains receipt number and shop name only
datatable 2 contains receipt number and price

I need to put the price into datatable1 also.
Normally I would use for each row and row.item(“receiptnumber”).tostring.contains(“price”) to find it.
The problem is datatable 2 has 45,000 rows and it can take a really long time til it processes.
Is there another way that may be faster?

The Better method is Join Both the Datatable.

@dvn - you can try like - build a new datatable with columns (dt1 & price) using(build datatable activity) and assign that table with value

(From a In DT1.Select()
Join b In DT2.Select()
On a(“colmn1”).ToString Equals b(“colmn1”).ToString
Select newDT.LoadDataRow (New Object() {
a.Field(Of String)(“COL1”),
a.Field(Of String)(“COL2”),
a.Field(Of String)(“COL3”),
b.Field(Of Double)(“COLX”)},False)).CopyToDataTable()