Compare 2 data tables

This should be quite simple and straight forward but I am finding so many options to perform this action that it is confusing . . . I have two data tables created by reading two separate excel files. Both data tables have a common column for matching . . . account number (1st column in each file - no header). I need to be able to find the account numbers that do not match as these would be considered new accounts and a separate action needs to happen on these further down in my flow. I thought a For Each Row with a body containing a LookUp Data Table but that doesn’t seem to be enough. Attaching two “mock” tables.dtBalSheet.xlsx (15.1 KB) dtAcct.xlsx (15.1 KB)

Thank you in advance for suggestions

have a look on the join data table activity and configure it to Full Join.
Rows where one of the key columns dt1(0), dt2(0) are Null are cases where not present in both tables

Thank you - this did work for my needs . . .just had to filter to find the “non-matching” ones but I have what I needed. Much easier than the other methods I had found! Thank you

Perfect, for more info about it have a look here:

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