Compare 1 excel col 1 to 2 excel col 1

Hello guys,
please help me.
I am trying to compare 1 excel col-1 to 2 excel col-1.
but it is taking all value from 1 excel col-1
please refer below img and correct me. I tried to use “<>” instead “=” and paste all else part in then but still it is not working.

the red cross value in output should not come…

Hi @prashantP

Have a try of equals instead of = like Yardi(“Pro_Id”).toString.equals(Micasa(row(“Pro_id”).ToString

Ashwin S


Hi @AshwinS2
I tried but not working showing conversion error string to Boolean.
if i am using write line output from then block its equal value correctly but i want to select not equal t values and proceed further.

Hi @Walker
Add headers Already define…

Hi @prashantP

Share the screenshot of if condtion or error

Ashwin S

pls check… there is two each row i am using

Hi @prashantP

Try this Yardi(“Pro_Id”).ToString.Contains(Micasa(“Pro_Id”)).ToString

Check this

Ashwin S

Hi @prashantP
Main.xaml (9。5 キロバイト)
I can compare


aaa bbb ccc
a1 b1 c1
a2 b1 c1
a3 b1 c1

Hello @Walker
same thing I have done in my

can you please share with excel file ?
what i want is that what ever not equal from excel-1 in excel-2 create values new excel-3 with that values from excel-1

good morning @AshwinS2

I tried the same check error

is it possible to you to create workflow for me please ?

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You were almost done
Remove the last .ToString in the if condition
As the if condition can take only Boolean value abs input and here as we are trying to give input as a string it’s showing us the error

And make sure that we have used a BREAK activity in the THEN part of If condition at last to avoid looping again and again even after the match is found
This will improve the performance as well

Cheers @prashantP

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Hi @Palaniyappan.

I tried as you said.

please correct me if i did wrong.

can you please build workflow for me. i have to finish this today.

that will be helpful.

Final solution is here…

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