Como convertir multiples extensiones a PDF (Pido Ayuda)

Hum I tried ImagesToPDFConverter in another location and it works, try to put the folder at another place, maybe the activity can’t work at the roots

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put the paths in a variable, the .jpg path and the path where I want to save the .pdf and that way it works, thank you very much.

I am using the base of your development to add the activities that make me change the extension. for now I can do it for word, with an activity, for GIF file
PNG file
JPG / JPEG file
BMP file
TIF file
with another activity

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One last query, how can I name the file that I am going to save in .PDF

@IOrlando … say if you are reading fileA.jpg and converting to pdf. Then you can use “path.getfilenamewithoutextension(filefolderpath)”+.pdf…which will give you fileA.pdf

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Hello, I would like to know if I can change the name of the file with the activity you recommended to convert image to .pdf @Hiba_B

Hi !
I don’t think that it is possible inside the activity ImagesToPDFConverter, but just after using the activity ImagesToPDFConverter you could use a Move file to rename (the output of the activity ImagesToPDFConverter gives you the name of the file)
So something like:

  • from: folder_path_of_pdf + filename (+“.pdf” if the extension is not given)
  • to: folder_path_of_pdf + “newnameoffile” + “.pdf”
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