Community version query

Can we install community version studio on two systems?

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Hi @Shah

What do you mean two systems?



Yes we can install.

Could you please tell more details about the issue.

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Of course we can
Here you go a beautiful comparison that I liked
Thank you @ovi

Cheers @Shah

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I mean two machines (laptops).

@lakshman I’ve installed studio on two laptops and I already have one machine in the orchestrator. how do I configure one more machine on the orchestrator?


May I know are you using Enterprise or Community Edition of Orchestrator ?

Community version.

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  1. First add the new machine name under Machines page and then copy that key.

  2. And then go to robot system tray in the new machine and copy that key and mention platform URL. And then click on connect.

You have to follow the same steps as you followed to configure the other machine.