Community studio can't create any new projects nor edit


I have a community studio but I can’t create or edit projects. As you can see on this screen everything is grayed out and as soon as I open an existing project it opens in Read Only.

I have for the same orchestrator online :
On a PC 1 Unattended robot and 1 functional pro community studio
On another PC (the one with the problem) 1 Attended robot and 1 community studio (the one where I can’t edit anything)

Note that the orchestrator has 2 Attended robots for me while I have only one:

What can I do ?

My version on the PC who have the problem :



provision machine as StudioPro and check

Hope this helps you

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Thanks for your response. Where can I provision machine as StudioPro ?


Go to orchestrator->Robots->Create a New Robot and choose StudioPro

Check as below

Hope this helps you


He show me this error :

No more StudioPro robots available. Upgrade your license! (#1900)

Can I have 2 studio community for developement on 2 separate computers with the same orchestrator ?
Or, should I make another UiPath account for this specific computer ?


If you already provisioned with with other type then better to remove and try

Hope this helps



I made a second account and create on the new orchestrator a robot with StudioPro and it worked. I think we can only have 1 robot per community account.

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